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     NCUA Baseball is an association of independent contractors providing professional baseball umpiring services since 1944 in San Francisco and  on the San Francisco Peninsula. 

     NCUA Baseball provides certified umpires for High School, Middle School, PONY leagues, Little Leagues, Colleges, Adult Leagues, and even MLB. 

     Our group of baseball umpires apply National Federation High School (NFHS), PONY, and Little League Green Book rules according to the league's affiliation.


      NCUA Baseball is looking for new members to umpire Baseball for the 2019 and 2020 season. 

    Contact Don Simon for baseball services: dls94015@yahoo.com  or 415 602-3302

     For an application email or download an application which is on the next page.  owen@ob-f.com or call (415) 218-9797

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